Best Types of Cigars For Special Occasions

How to Choose The Best Cigars

When it comes to choosing a cigar, the best types of cigars are the ones you enjoy. Even so, there are a few factors you can use to select the best cigar possible. Today, cigars are smoked by both men and women. From seasoned smokers to rookie smokers, cigars are something to enjoy. Smoking a cigar has become synonymous with class, character, and pleasure. Some people enjoy a smoke after dinner or while out for drinks, while others will enjoy a good cigar during a round of golf or sitting out on their deck. There’s truly nothing like a good cigar.

Even if you’re a seasoned cigar expert, there are still some basic guidelines to follow when you’re choosing a cigar.

The first consideration is the body. Do you enjoy a mild cigar or a more robust body? The cigar should taste good, but not be overwhelming.

The next consideration is the size. The flavor of a cigar can be impacted by its size, so can make a difference in the taste. A bigger cigar will take longer to smoke, so perhaps you’ll want a smaller, milder cigar for after dinner and a longer cigar while playing golf.

When it comes to cigar size, there are two considerations. The first is the size of the diameter or the ring. The second consideration is the length of the cigar which is measured in inches.

Another consideration when choosing the best types of cigars is the rating. Cigars are rated from 0 to 100 and describes the quality of a cigar. Don’t spend your money on a cigar rated less than 70.

The rating considers several cigar qualities. These include the construction, appearance, and the way a cigar smokes. It also factors in a cigar’s aroma and the balance of the flavors. Keep all of these factors in mind when choosing the right cigar.

Cigars are holding their own ground, as they are usually smoked casually, often as a celebration of good times, and typically do not fall into the chain smoking category of cigarettes.  While cigarettes are being vigorously assaulted by the introduction of new electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes – that are lauded as a much safer way to inhale.  If you’re looking for reviews on the strengths and weaknesses of the various brands available, we recommend E-Cigs Online Reviews UK who can be contacted on the E-CigsUK Social Media Page.

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